"Amber's coaching is......."


KC Eldridge Talks about Coaching with Amber

“Before working together, I was struggling the most with being comfortable and confident with who I am. I didn’t trust myself. I felt like I had to justify or explain my decisions, or find a way to validate them. Now I’m proud of who I AM and I know the decisions I make are OK!”


Why I Started Coaching with Amber

“My reason at first was to learn to lose weight. I ended up with much more valuable lessons of trusting myself, loving myself, accepting myself, forgiving myself.”

Biggest Change After Coaching

“SELF LOVE and gratitude. My mind used to be filled with negative thoughts about myself. Now I am my biggest fan. I have more self-awareness.”

Amber's Style of Coaching

“I think is important for others to know that you are a real person – with real life experiences. It became easier for me to open up and share my life experiences with you because you shared some of yours with me. You are committed to helping others find joy within themselves, wherever they may be in life.”

Betty H.

“I came to you for coaching on weight loss and how to eat and little did I know how my life would change after hiring you as my coach.

You got to the root of my food issues and helped with that before we even started talking about weight loss.

I learned from you that happiness comes first before the weight loss. Thank you!”

G. Richards

“I love Amber’s style of coaching. She doesn’t hold back and she pulls out of me what I need to discover about myself.

I appreciate her guidance in walking me through how to stop dieting and get my life back.

I’m losing weight without dieting. Who would have known?!”


G. Summers Talks about Coaching with Amber

“Before my coaching sessions with Amber, I was placing everyone and everything ahead of myself.”


Biggest Change in Your Life

“That would be awareness of how I treat myself. I didn’t even realize how I was treating myself and in a way that I would never allow others to treat me.”

On Numbing

“Now I am more aware of how I feel and what that means, instead of stuffing or shushing it.”

After Coaching

“I love that you’re approachable and you are supportive in a comfortable, easy “feel like I have known your forever” way. I feel grateful to you for opening my eyes to things I couldn’t see for myself. You gave me some great insights and paths to continue on.”

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