Stop Dieting and Start Living with Create. Do. Live Principle

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Why should you stop dieting and start living? I’m talking about actively creating an amazing life instead of waiting until you lose weight to really live and have fun.

Stop Dieting and Start Living - AmberBaldwin.comThat can happen when you stop dieting and start living and begin to recover from all the rules of dieting.

I created the Create. Do. Live. Principle that will help you to get rid of the diet noise, start to think about what you want in your life, take action, and start living fully while losing weight naturally.

I’ve created a step-by-step process that will help you to start putting the happy back into your life so you can stop focusing on food.

Think about all the time you’ll save when you don’t think about the next diet, and how to implement it, and when to start, and what groceries to buy based on the cheat sheet you have on your fridge, and obsessing about the number on the scale.

Are you ready to stop dieting and start living a life you really love? Let’s go!

Stop Dieting and Start Living = Happiness

Too many times we think that once we lose weight we can finally be happy and we’ll get out there into the world, go on that vacation, or meet with our friends for hiking, or buy clothes that feel beautiful on our bodies.

What if you could have all that now?

When you stop dieting and start living, you’ll be happy and fulfill your dreams, your goals, your plans, and all of the things you said you would do once you lost weight. Does that sound familiar? How many times have you told yourself that you’ll do “that” when you lose 20 lbs or 50 lbs or 100 lbs?

We have it all backwards – this happiness theory of losing weight first and then being happy. It’s really quite the opposite.

Stop Dieting and Start LivingCreate happiness first and then the by product of happiness is being so fulfilled in many areas of your life that weight loss starts to happen almost without you thinking about it.

When you’re happy you make better, healthier choices for yourself. You tend to lean towards things that make you feel good and don’t obstruct your happiness. You start to enjoy life so much that reaching for healthier food options and moving more, aka exercise, seems like a natural choice, because it makes you feel good.

Do you see the trend here?

Feeling good is the “high”. Feeling good creates happiness and happiness creates those feel-good-feelings.

My Stop Dieting and Start Living Story

I’ve been a serial dieter almost my entire adult life and have dabbled in so many diets thinking this one will be THE ONE that will click and make me lose weight and keep it off forever.

So many times I’ve been on diets, lost weight, kept it off for a short amount of time – only to regain it time and time again.

There was no miracle cure diet, but there were quite a number of rules and food lists to live by each day and each meal.

Eat this.

Don’t eat this.

Oh the misinformation out there of diets contracting other diets. It left my head spinning, confused, and so distracted by all of the noise from diet after diet.

Then I finally woke up.

I found a holistic health coach that helped me to get rid of that diet noise and discover truly what it meant to live without dieting.

Immediately I stopped dieting and started to create the small, daily, actionable steps, that allowed me to achieve some goals in my life that were unrelated to food and instead gave me so much joy!

Create GoalIn four years, all four of my BIG goals came to fruition, including working remotely, buying a house, living in a region that I love, and then selling it all to travel full-time in my RV. My happiness jar is overflowing and my mind has been set free.

I no longer struggle with food or constantly think about it. I feel like I got my life back – I just wish I had done this sooner.

If you’re interested in more details about me and my story, I share all of it on my About page.

Create. Do. Live. Principle

Out of my experience and becoming certified as a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I created the Create. Do. Live. Principle.

This principle is what I developed to stop dieting and start living and is a holistic wellness approach to looking at all areas of your life to determine where you need more balance, less toxicity, and more joy.

Create is all about diving deep into what’s going on in your life and understanding where you can take steps to make changes. Once you know what changes need to be made, then you can create your action plan.

My advice is to always look at the big goals, but then work backwards and determine those small daily actionable steps you can put into place.

Do is all about taking the action plan you created in the “create” phase and putting it into action. Very simply, do your plan and be consistent.

Live is the result of your created action plan and your everyday do steps from the first two phases. This third phase of the Create. Do. Live principle is the happiness you experience. It’s the freedom to live without the rules of diets. The freedom to enjoy life without restrictions and constant noise from failed diets.

It’s the life you’ve intentionally and actively created from your dreams that are now coming to fruition.

Time for You to Take Action

You can use the Create. Do. Live. Principle and apply it to your life and any situation you are experiencing as well. Let’s go through in more detail how you can stop dieting and start living using this principle.

So get out some paper and a pen and let’s start creating!

Create Phase

Step 1: First I’d like you begin by closing your eyes and just relaxing and breathing in deeply. Think about what it is you deeply want in your life.

  • Where would you want to live? It can be a different city or a different country. What does that look like?
  • Who would you be with?
  • What activities would you be doing? Hiking, traveling, gardening, site seeing, grand adventures, etc.
  • What kind of home would you live in? Do you have a sticks and bricks home or are you nomad like me?
  • What job would create ultimate happiness for you? Maybe it’s a job working for a company or are you an entrepreneur?
  • Where would you travel?

When you’re done dreaming, open your eyes and proceed to the next step.

Go ahead now. Stop reading this and just day dream.

Dream Goal


Step 2: As you think about these questions, start writing down your answers to these questions. If anything else comes to mind as you start to create this life – write it down. Don’t let my list inhibit you from all the other possibilities out there.

Next – take a look at your list. Were you too logically minded when you answered? What I mean is, did your answers only include what you think could actually come true or what you think could come true.

I’d ask you to be open to the idea that we sometimes limit ourselves based on what we believe is logical. So, if this applies to you , start this exercise over and dream big! While you might be thinking, “I’d like to win the mega lottery”, and while this could very well be in your future realm of possibilities, I like to create from a stand point of what I believe is in my highest good, for my soul, for my spirit, for my body, for my mind, and what allows me to grow as human being.

When things are just given to us, we don’t tend to grow from those experiences so embrace the challenges, or opportunities for growth as I like to call it, and dream big from this realm of possibilities.

Step 3: Now that you have your created dream list, start to think about what’s really important and of those items, what could you really focus on that would give you incredible joy and happiness?

Take those dreams now and write it down in one area of your paper, skipping some lines in between, so you can think of the action steps to achieve that dream.

Journal Your Action Steps

Step 4: What consistent actionable items can you think of for each of those goals that will get you closer to reaching your dream? That dream may be 30 days away or it could be 5 years away, but working towards that goal with these actionable “do” steps will help you stay focused and create a balance in your life that results in happiness.

When you take the focus off of food and instead focus on what you do want, that’s when the magic happens.

Think of it this way. We don’t really want to lose weight nor do we want to diet.

It’s not fun or enjoyable. What we really want is the feeling and emotion that comes from being healthy and losing weight – which is happiness and living more freely.

So let’s just switch up and do that first – living more freely and being happy. Sound good?

Example of My Do Steps

I’ll give you an example of how I created my do steps.

My dream goal was to one day RV full-time around North America and travel to all of these beautiful national parks, state parks, and see the raw beauty of this land.

Literally, I had no idea how this was going to happen seeing that I worked for a company, and not remotely at the time, nor did I know anything about RVing.

So my action steps were simply to start researching the RV life. I wrote down a list of all the questions I had about how to RV, how to buy an RV, where do you camp, how can you work remotely and RV, how can you always have an Internet connection on the road, and so forth.

I started focusing on how to achieve the goal so that when the timing came to where I could move into that dream goal – I was ready. Only four years after I started this process, my dream of RVing full-time came true and I started

I started living out my dream and so far have traveled from Seattle, WA to the east coast of the U.S. and Canada, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec as of this posting in my Class C Winnebago RV. I’m having the time of my life and enjoying every day now!

RVing Full Time

Do Phase

So now that you have your actionable do steps, it’s time to start putting these into place and doing the work each day.

Step 1: Organize yourself with a calendar or some sort of system that best suits you whether that be a digital system or the good old school method of paper and pen.

Step 2: Each day determine what you can do from your action steps and insert that into your organizer so you see it each day.

Step 3: This is my favorite. I have a white board on my fridge so I can see my goals and also my actionable do steps for the day. It’s highly visual and keeps me focused to see it multiple times a day.

Step 4: Each day as you pull out your organizer to take on your do steps, think about your big goal and what you want. Visualize in your head what it is you’re achieving. As you visualize, think about how you would feel, what are you smelling, who is around you, what emotions does it bring up for you. Walk in your visualization as if the goal has already happened.

Maybe you only have 15 minutes to work your action plan in the day. That’s okay. Just start where you’re at and start doing. The key is to be consistent.

Live Phase

It’s time to stop dieting and start living. I realize I haven’t talked about how to stop dieting in length, but it really is the simple act of just stopping.

Decide to stop.


Just focus on your plan and not on food.

Don’t worry if this part isn’t super detailed, it’s just not what you’re focusing on.

I’ll talk in detail in upcoming posts on the food aspect and making healthier choices, but for now, let’s start here with your Create. Do. Live plan.

Living is the result of your Create and your Do. This is the juice of your plan. You get to enjoy what you’re accomplishing and turn your focus towards gratitude, joy, and creating a beautiful life.

Now that you have your Create. Do. Live. Plan so you can stop dieting and start living, tell me what you came up with or what questions do you have? Leave me a comment below.

Learn how to create an amazing life where you can lose weight without diets, accomplish your dreams + gain happiness, and LIVE now instead of when you lose the weight.

You can have it all!

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